A ABC verse book for children and grown ups too!
Although there are other ABC books for children, this book adopts a very modern approach. The mini verses in this book are composed not only to educate, but also to entertain and amuse children. They will laugh and learn at the same time when they read what these audacious animals have to say.

The creatures in this book almost have human characteristics: they complain, they are vain, some are happy, some are hardworking while some, like the walrus, are just plain laid back. Puns, contractions, phrases or popular tales associated with the animals have been incorporated to make this a useful tool for teachers who want to bring some humor into their classrooms. Parents and grandparents can have a wonderful time sharing this book with their children as a read aloud experience. The book can be easily printed if desired.
To order a cd, the cost will be $5 (including shipping and handling). Please e-mail me at alphanimals@gmail.com

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From: Mala Mukherjee

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